Monday, 4 April 2011


Songwriter’s Groups (SWG) are already established in Whitby (meet every Friday at the Whitby Activity Centre) and Ajax (as of April 15, at the McLean Centre). The municipality of Clarington is also interested in participating in this youth initiative – venue and times are in the works. SWG in Pickering, Uxbridge, Township of Brock, and Oshawa are pending, with positive feedback from each municipality’s representatives. Once each municipality in Durham has a successful SWG, our youth initiative will begin expansion to surrounding regions – York, Peel, and the GTA. SWGs out of province, in Halifax, Vancouver, and Windsor are fully established and booming.
Ron Beer, a successful country and blues musician, uses his talent, experience, knowledge of music theory, and his effortless ability to teach, to help develop the singing and song writing talent of each member of the Songwriter’s Group.
Ron Beer organizes an annual Songwriter’s Music Festival which unites musicians from all SWGs across the country to perform in front of sold out audiences. This year’s Songwriter’s Music Festival was held at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre, and was a tremendous success. Next year's Songwriter's Music Festival will be held in early 2012.
Branching from the SWG is Songwriter’s TV, where members of each SWG are filmed as they discuss what inspires their music, how they began song writing, and a brief rendition of their musical repertoire. These video clips are then uploaded onto our Youtube channel to give exposure and promote the SWG members. Please visit our Youtube channel by searching Songwriters Tv Durham at
After acquiring a directory of professional, and talent singer/songwriters from our SWG, we hope to help catapult their musical experience and career by canvasing the region for what we call "House Concerts". We all know there are few venues where people can go to experience great music in a close and friendly environment - so why not host your own House Concert?! Not only will you, your family and friends be able to have a relaxing night-in, but will also be able to enjoy a performance done by a solo/group ensemble that have been perfecting their performing craft at our weekly SWGs. For a minimal charge, hosting a House Concert will be supporting Canadian music culture, and giving the individual performer an avenue of growth and development. Anniversaires, birthday parties, pot-lucks, holiday weekends, sports parties, wedding receptions,  and corporate events/business parties are all idea occasions to host a House Concert.
Ron also has many projects underway, but what he takes most pride in is Boogie Boy Blues. Boogie Boy Blues & The Music Awards is the first volume of a graphic novel series which encompasses the history of blues, introduction to songwriting, and Canadian geography - a series which includes a music CD and a live performance by Ron Beer, author and songwriter. The story of Boogie Boys Blues centres around the experiences of a 14 year old songwriter who travels across Canada with a jazz band to attend a music awards show. As the story is presented on screen, it is simultaneously narrated using many different voices, singing original songs and playing the guitar, banjo, melodica, and penny whistle by Ron Beer. He has created a unique one hour show which teaches and entertains children about the craft of songwriting and the history of blues music.  The show is great fun for children aged 5 and up, but is also entertaining and inspiring for all age groups.
If you have any questions or interests about any of our above projects, please feel free to contact Adam Anthony at .

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